Saturday, 17 May 2008

Reviews Sony Ericsson K770

Camera cover is the best solution yet, doesn't open when in the pocket. Format is perfect and beautiful, slim and rounded, the color is stunning. Metal finish is superb. Keys are not too big, not too small, and easy to use. Different key illumination for phone and camera is pedagogic and logical and beautiful. Picture quality from the camera is superb in all light conditions, much better than any previously released SE cameraphone that I've seen. There are loads of options for the camera as well, which makes it very useful. I will definitely not have to carry around another camera with me anymore, this is a keeper.

Haven't found any yet... well ok, the music player could be better of course... but it does the job well and plays mp3-s with different bitrates, not like my M600 which spells out "ERROR" on many of my tunes.

Very good compromise and combination. Only downsize is the music player where it obviously would be nice to have the "Walkman" player, but that is of course not an option because of this being a "Cybershot" phone. All in all this is a very good, practica, useful phone with an excellent camera, stunning looks and plenty of features and nothing that "stands out", neither in positive, nor negative ways. I'm pretty sure it will become a top seller and that people will be quite satisfied with it.
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