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Tips on how to sell your website on Flippa!

Selling a website or a blog is common in the internet world. Some people sell their website or blog because they don’t need it any longer while others sell it because they expect to make a huge profit out of it. Flippa is the most popular and reliable website to sell one’s website or blog. However, it is not easy selling a website or blog because many sellers don’t do their research when auctioning their website or blog. Here are some things you should remember when planning to sell your website or blog on Flippa :

Have Google Analytics Data
Every website owner will agree that Google Analytics Data is the best tool to analyze the traffic in your website or blog. This is why potential and interested buyers want the traffic details before buying a website or blog. Some might even ask your website or blog’s traffic detail for over six months.
This is why it is a must that website owners have Google Analytics Data through which they can confirm that the website’s traffic is genuine.

Don’t sell your website if it is only generating $60 dollars or less profit
You website will only sell if it is making more money than $60. You should only sell your website when it starts making profit more than $360. This way you will be able to sell your website or blog at a good amount rather then selling it for peanuts.

Improve your Trust rating
In Flippa, every member has a ‘Trust’ rating that a potential buyer looks at to asses you. A lower rating means a lower chance of selling your website. So make sure that you work hard to build your Trust rating in Flippa.

7 to 9 days are sufficient for auction length
You want bidders to feel that you have many bids. That is why you are keeping the auction length for 7 to 9 days to create an element of urgency among bidders.

Don’t forget to set a Low Reserve/ High Minimum Bid
When you set a low reserve price in the auction then Flippa shows this message, “Bidding open and reserve has been met!” in bright green color. This is like the traffic signal encouraging bidders psychologically to start bidding on Flippa.

In addition, by setting your website or blog with a high minimum bid, you won’t have to worry about selling your website or blog at a low price.

Don’t try to over-sell your website or blog in the description
Be honest in the description about your website or blog because a buyer has the right to know its strengths and weaknesses.

Answer potential bidder’s comments
It is necessary that you work to promote your website or blog at every opportunity you can get. Through the comments section not only can you clear a bidder’s doubts but also promote your website or blog’s strength.

Last but not least, be ready to explain to potential buyers why you are planning to sell your website or blog
Make sure you have a good reason for selling your website or blog because if you don’t potential buyers will assume that your website or blog is not doing well.

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